1. Each swimmer MUST wear the swim cap provided by the race organizers.  Wearing swim goggles or a face mask is recommended, but optional.
  2. Wetsuits may be worn in water temperatures up to and including 24.5 degrees Celsius/76.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit in water temperatures exceeding 24.5 degrees Celsius/ 76.1 degrees Fahrenheit will not be eligible for awards, including World Championships slots. Wetsuits will be prohibited in water temperatures greater than 28.8 degrees C/ 84 degrees F
  4. No fins, paddles, or flotation devices of any kind are allowed. Swim goggles, snorkels, or facemasks may be worn. IF an athlete elects to wear a snorkel or a facemask he/she will not be eligible for an Age Group award or qualifying slot or rolldown slot to the IRONMAN World Championship or the IRONMAN World Championship 70.3, but will still be considered an “Official Finisher”.
  5. Please be sure your timing chip is properly fixed on your left ankle.  (Tip: We suggest you use a chip belt to secure the chip on your ankle – these will be available at Athlete Check In)
  6. No individual paddlers or escorts allowed.  Course will be adequately patrolled by surfboards, kayaks and patrol boats.
  7. Time penalties will be imposed on athletes not behind the official start line 5 minutes prior to the race start.  Warm up area is to the left of the start area.  Once you cross the timing mats to the start area, you cannot exit this area for any reason.
  8. Swimmers are required to stay on course and swim counter-clockwise. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  9. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance must raise an arm overhead, pump it up and down, and call or seek assistance.  A swimmer who has received assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from the remainder of the race, unless such assistance did not aid the swimmer in making forward progress.  No swimmer shall return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests that the participant withdraws from the race or receive medical assistance.
  10. The swim course will be CLOSED 1 hour and 10 minutes after the start of the last wave.  Contestants who have not crossed the timing mat that records the end of the swim will not be recognized as an official IRONMAN 70.3 Miami finisher.
  11. Public nudity is prohibited. Changing tents are not provided at this event.


  1. All contestants are required to ride road/racing bikes.  Mountain bikes, beach cruisers and bikes with coaster-type brakes are prohibited.
  2. No tandems, recumbents and fairings or any add-on devices designed exclusively to reduce resistance are allowed.  Solid disc wheels are allowed.  Any new, “unusual” or prototype equipment will be subject to a determination of legality by the Bike Director and/or the Chief Race Referee.
  3. All bikes and helmets will be checked in on the Saturday prior to race day.  Race officials reserve the right to reject any bike/helmet not meeting safety standards.  If the bike does not meet safety standards, the contestant will be required to correct the problem before participating in the race.  Helmet numbers (in your Registration packs) MUST be attached to the front of your helmet.  There will be an Official Bike Shop tent at the entrance to the transition where bikes can be adjusted or repaired.  Once your bike is checked into the holding area, only small covers on the bike computer will be allowed.  Large plastic bags that cover the entire bike will not be permitted.
  4. Each contestant must wear the IRONMAN® 70.3 Miami issued race number at all times while on the bike and run course. Bike number must be placed low on BACK of rider’s jersey or on the race belt where it is clearly visible.  Folding or cutting race number or intentional alteration of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  5. No MP3 players or cell phones are permitted during the cycle leg.  Athletes will be issued a yellow card if caught using one.
  6. Individual support will not be allowed.  There are no special needs stations in the IRONMAN® 70.3 Miami race.
  7. Each contestant must be individually responsible for repair and maintenance of their own bike.  Assistance by anyone, including other athletes, other than IRONMAN® technical support officials will be grounds for disqualification.  Each cyclist should be prepared to handle any possible mechanical malfunction.  Technical support DOES NOT include the normal changing of flat tires.  You may not receive a spare wheel if yours breaks.  You can carry your bike to finish the cycle portion of the race, as long as you finish in the allotted time for the cycle.
  8. Contestants are expected to heed directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities
  9. Contestants may walk with their bike, if necessary, but may not make progress on the bike course unaccompanied by bicycle.
  10. All contestants must mount and dismount in the marked zones at the transition area.  Under no circumstances should a participant ride his/her bike inside the transition area.
  11. Absolutely NO DRAFTING of another bike or any other vehicle is allowed. The 7 meter draft zone rule will apply. (4 bike lengths). Contestants must ride single file on the far right side of the road except when passing another rider. All passing is to the Left.
  12. You have to ride directly behind the athlete in front of you.  You can only move out when you want to pass.  If you stay out it is called “BLOCKING” and you will be penalized.  You have 20 seconds to get your front wheel in front of the athlete’s front wheel that you are overtaking.  He/she then has 20 seconds to get back 7 meters.


  1. No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed.
  2. Runners must wear their number at all times on the course.  Race numbers issued by IRONMAN® 70.3 Miami identify the official contestants in the race.  Folding or cutting race numbers or intentional alteration of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Run number must be placed on FRONT of runner and securely attached.  Race belts may be worn.  Shoes and shirts are required on the run segment.
  3. This is an INDIVIDUAL event.  No individual support vehicles or non-contestant escort runners are allowed.  Teamwork as a result of outside assistance that provides an advantage over single competitors is not allowed.  Ample aid and food stations will be provided.  Individual support vehicles or non-contestant escort runners will result in disqualification.  A non-contestant escort runner includes contestants who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race.  Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside contestant, may not pass food or other items to contestant and should be warned to stay completely clear of all contestants to avoid disqualification.  It is incumbent upon each contestant to reject immediately any attempt to assist, follow or escort.
  4. Follow the directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities.
  5. No MP3 Players or cell phones are allowed on the course.


  1. WTC rules and ITU rules state that once an athlete competes as a professional / elite in the IRONMAN® triathlon qualifying race series season, the athlete cannot compete as an age grouper in that respective year’s IRONMAN® 70.3 Triathlon World Championship as an age grouper.
  2. Contestants are expected to heed directions and instructions of all race officials and public authorities
  3. Course referees shall have authority to disqualify any contestant.
  4. Medical personnel shall have ULTIMATE and FINAL authority to remove a contestant from the race if the contestant is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury or death.  Medical transport of any contestant will result in disqualification.
  5. No contestant may use alcohol or any illegal, detrimental or dangerous drugs, stimulants, depressants or other substances or procedures with the intent to improve performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose.  Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate disqualification and will result in suspension as determined by the Race Director and the World Triathlon Corporation/ITU.  Offenders will be banned from all future IRONMAN® licensed events.
  6. The Medical Control Rules set forth by Drug Free Sport, in harmony with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regulations and policies on banned substances, will be binding on all contestants.  In addition, other rules and regulations, even if not yet recognized by the IOC may be instituted, which if such occurs, you agree to abide by.  Contestants may be requested to undergo drug testing procedures before and after the events. If you are requested to do so, you hereby agree to abide by such testing procedures.
  7. Should any contestant test positive for any substance banned by the IOC regulations and policies and is not vindicated by the administrative appeal process, or test positive for any other item as mentioned above, the contestant, at the judgment of IRONMAN® 70.3 officials, will be banned from participation for a period as determined by Race Director and the World Triathlon Corporation/ITU.
  8. Fraud, theft, abusive treatment of volunteers or others and acts of poor sportsmanship are grounds for immediate disqualification and will result in the contestant being suspended from competing in any IRONMAN® event in the future.
  9. If the contestant decides to withdraw from the race at any time, it is the responsibility of the contestant to report to the Information Center at the finish line.  It is essential that race officials know where contestants are on the course at all times.  Failure to comply after withdrawing from the race may result in contestant being prevented from competing in any IRONMAN® event in the future.
  10. IRONMAN® and the Race Organizer reserve the right to make rule changes at any time provided all athletes are notified in writing and/or at the pre-race mandatory Race Briefing.
  11. Professional Triathletes may not win age group awards, and age group athletes are not eligible for prize money.  To be eligible for prize money as a professional, you need to finish within 10% of the time of the second finisher.  Any prize money left over will then be divided amongst those professionals (both men and women) who finished within these time constraints.
  12. One day membership must be purchased when registering.  If you are applying as a professional athlete, you must include proof of PRO/ELITE status with your application
  13. Communication devices of any type are strictly prohibited during competition.  Use of such devices may result in disqualification.  MP3 players are prohibited and a 4 minute time penalty will be enforced if you fail to comply with this rule.
  14. If weather conditions are dangerous to the safety of athletes, the format of the race can be changed at the discretion of the RACE DIRECTOR.  This will be done at least 30min before the start of the race.
  15. All images, person’s names and video and audio recordings in broadcasts, telecasts, the press, Internet and in all types of printed material, including advertisements for this or other similar events, if the images etc, pertain to the IRONMAN® 70.3 Miami Event may be used for free by the race organizers.