OrthoNOW Orthopedic Urgent Care Got Me Back in the Game!

As many other triathletes have experienced, I got a severe injury prior my main race. After six months of intense training and continuous races my left calf gave up.

I learned about my injury four weeks prior to my major race (IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii). I was disappointed that I would not be able to achieve my goal. My coach and therapist were hopeless and did not give possibilities for quick recovery.  I was lucky to find the best orthopedic clinic in the Miami area, OrthoNOW.  Despite being a walk-in patient, the staff was taking my X-Rays and assigning me to a specialist in less than 10 minutes. The specialist prescribed an air cast walking boot and gave me hope that with 10 days of rest and the right therapy my calf would be ready to race.  I followed the instructions and did not move my calf during these days, however, I was able to manage keeping up with my cardio by swimming with my upper body all those days, focusing on improving my stroke.

At day 11, I returned to the clinic and the specialist recommended for me to try the ARP therapy (Accelerated Recovery Program). The ARP therapists are very professional and have a lot of expertise with athletes. They make you feel like if you were the only patient and the most important athlete.  The staff introduced me to a former Elite WTA coach who is the most experienced sport therapist in the clinic. With the help of the ARP Wave, he identified the root cause of my injury and developed a week plan of ARP Wave Neurological Therapy that worked incredibly. I was amazed to feel my legs and especially my calves getting stronger after each session.  By the 17th day, I was able to run short-distances with a comfortable pace and with almost no-pain. By race day, I had strong legs, calves and no pain and was able to complete the entire 70.3 distance and defeated the winds, heat and hills of Hawaii!  Following the recommendations of the experts from OrthoNOW, I kept my running pace smooth but consistent as my calf continues healing. This smart advice helped me to finish the race strong and free of injury.

I could have never achieved my goal without the experience and commitment of the OrthoNOW team. The support and commitment received from the team was unconditional and the best experience. In addition to healing my calf, I learned from the experts to how to prevent injuries and improve my running form. Now, I am ready to race and finish strong my next challenge, IRONMAN 70.3 Miami.

I highly recommend trying ARP therapy to any athlete injured or needing to improve muscle strength.

Thank you OrthowNOW!

Adriana Martinez, a Triathlete and a proud patient